What to see & do

Covering some 8,000sqm the National Cold War Exhibition looks at the Cold War and is much more than a display of aircraft. Alongside the 19 airframes are life-size Russian (Matryoshka) dolls tanks, missiles, models and vehicles including the iconic Beetle, Mini and Trabant. In the display cases there are games and memorabilia from the Cold War era. Look out for the dead drop stone which was used by spies to pass messages.

Audio visual hotspots and 22 electronic data kiosks supply facts and figures relating to the Cold War including personalities such as Margaret Thatcher, John F Kennedy and Mikhail Gorbachev. For those with a head for heights, take the lift to the high level gallery (33ft high) and dare to look down at the mighty Belfast.

To view the National Cold War Exhibition including a refreshment break at the classic Citroen van we recommend you allow a minimum of one hour to enjoy the collection.

Beyond the National Cold War Exhibition, the RAF Museum Cosford is split into collections including Test Flight. Here you will find weird and wonderful experimental aircraft such as the Bristol 188, Prone Meteor and TSR 2. War in the Air contains famous names such the Spitfire and Hurricane but also rare German and Japanese examples such as the Dinah. In Hangar 1, the transport and training collection includes the Comet displayed alongside many aero engines and missiles.