Plan Your Day

Key reasons to visit

For a full site visit at the RAF Museum, a minimum of four hours is recommended. The Museum is open throughout the year and admission is free of charge. There is an exciting array of special events taking place annually at Cosford, so see what's on when planning your day out.

On arrival, you can start your visit to Cosford with morning coffee in the Refuel Cafe. Purchase a guidebook for just £3.50 and then plan your route around the site and see highlights of the aircraft collection, whilst enjoying a drink.

In the Test Flight Hangar, people of all ages will enjoy fun n flight. This hands on gallery is packed full of interactive elements which help explain how aircraft fly. Whether it's guiding the Hercules to the drop zone or testing the ping pong wing everyone will enjoy fun n flight.

There are two motion rides at Cosford, the Black Hawk flight simulator and 4D Experience launched by James May. Seating up to six people the Black Hawk gives you the opportunity to fly with the Red Arrows or Eurofighter for just £2.99 per person. In the 4D Experience there is 3D animation with the added dimension of seat movements, water spray, smoke and leg ticklers. There are a number of rides to choose from costing £5.00 per person.

Enjoy a hot lunch in the Refuel Cafe or purchase drinks and snacks from a classic Citroen van in the National Cold War Exhibition. Don't forget to visit our gift shop which has souvenirs for all budgets from postcards, books and mugs to exclusive flying jackets.

Admission to the RAF Museum Cosford is free of charge. There is ample parking on site costing £4.00 for up to 3 hours or £5.00 for 3-6 hours.