Warsaw Pact Weaponry

Some of the advances made by the Soviet Union in types of weapon and how they are used, have had far reaching effects on the armed forces of the entire world. The biggest effect though, has been on the forces of NATO, who have had to catch up with these innovations or risk their forces being out-classed as well as being outnumbered.

The shock to NATO commanders, at the appearance of new Soviet vehicles, missiles and helicopters, at the end of the 1960's and the beginning of the 1970's was huge. It demanded a big response in research and spending from the NATO countries, but the USA in particular.

It was this arms race between the two sides, which, it could be argued, was in part responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union, as it could not sustain the 20% of its economy it had to spend on defence, just to keep pace with the combined spending of the NATO countries.

Many of the key weapons used by the WARSAW pact can be found within the Cold War archive section of this web site.

If you are able to visit the National Cold War Exhibition you will be able to see vehicles, planes and armaments from the WARSAW pact countries.

These include:

  • BMP-1 Personnel Carrier
  • MiG 15 Aircraft
  • MiG 21 Aircraft
  • Aphid Missile
  • Seersucker Missile

There is also a display of Russian Aircraft Models:

  • Tu 22M (Tu26) NATO codename Backfire
  • Yak 28 NATO codenames Brewer, Firebar, Maestro and Mandrake
  • MiG 27 NATO codename Flogger
  • Su 24 NATO codename Fencer
  • MiG 25 NATO codename Foxbat