SALT II - (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty)

As SALT I had been an interim agreement the intention was to negotiate further, however SALT II ran into difficulties. An outline agreement was proposed in 1974 at the Vladivostok summit between Leonid Brezhnev (Soviet Union) and US President Gerald Ford. This agreement set equal limits for missile launchers and strategic bombs but left out Cruise missiles. The American Senate, in particular the right wing senators, saw all arms control as a mechanism for allowing the USSR 'to catch up with America' and so the agreement stalled.

In 1977, Jimmy Carter, the newly elected American President, attempted to renegotiate the SALT II Treaty in order to reduce the number of Soviet Missiles. It took until 1979 for precise figures to be agreed and the SALT II treaty was signed by Brezhnev and Carter in June of that year. Despite reassurance from President Carter, the American Senate were growing very uneasy about the Soviet violation of previous agreements and in response refused to ratify the treaty in 1980.