Schools & Colleges

Our dedicated Access and Learning team support curriculum activities for all Key Stages and beyond to Colleges and University. They also run subject specific events for schools utilising an educational handling collection of artefacts. Loan boxes for schools can be pre-booked along with outreach sessions in the local vicinity.  The educational programmes at Cosford have resulted in the team achieveing a Sandford Award from the Heritage Education Trust.

A selection of activity workshops can be pre-booked on the subject of the Cold War and these are available all year round. Educational workshops take place in two purpose built classrooms deep within the National Cold War Exhibition. A bunker style lecture theatre seating 208 people is available for presentations. Activity workshops are led by qualified staff and each visit to Cosford is fully timetabled including time in Fun n Flight, lunch, simulators and museum gift shop.

For those based around the world and unable to visit us soon, there are a series of downloads within this website which can assist with studies on the Cold War. Don’t forget to test your knowledge on the Cold War quiz!