No.98 Squadron

Never failing
15 August 1917
27 February 1976

No 98 Squadron formed at Harlaxton on 15 August 1917 as a day bomber unit. It moved to France in April 1918 where it joined the Independent Force. It began bombing attacks on German targets on 9 April. In March 1919 it returned to the UK and disbanded on 24 July 1919.

On 17 February 1936 it reformed at RAF Abingdon. It remained a training unit even after it moved to Nantes in April 1940. It returned to the UK in June 1940. Many of its ground personnel were lost when the liner ‘Lancastria’ was sunk. It reassembled at RAF Gatwick in June 1940 but the following month it moved to Kaldadarnes, Iceland. The squadron undertook coastal patrol work. In June 1941 it received Hurricanes to supplement its Battle bombers. However on 15 July 1941 the unit was reduced in size and renumbered No 1423 Flight.

On 12 September 1942 the unit reformed at RAF West Raynham as a medium bomber unit. The unit began a long campaign of bombing attacks on German communications and airfields. After the Allied landings in Normandy in June 12944 it undertook intensive tactical bombing in support of the ground forces. In October of that year it moved to B.58 Melsbroek, Belgium and in April 1945 it moved into Germany. It remained in Germany as a part of the occupation forces.

In February 1951 it converted to jet fighter-bombers. In April 1955 it became a day fighter squadron and on 15 July 1957 it disbanded.

On 1 August 1959 the squadron reformed at RAF Driffield as a ballistic missile unit. It disbanded on 18 April 1963. On 19 April 1963 No 245 Squadron was renumbered No 98 Squadron. It operated as a signals unit. On 27 February 1976 it finally disbanded.


Various types 1917 - 1918
DH9 1918 - 1919
Hind 1936 - 1938
Battle 1938 - 1941
Hurricane I 1941 - 1941
Mitchell II/III 1942 - 1945
Mosquito XVI/35 1945 - 1951
Vampire 5 1951 - 1957
Venom 1 1953 - 1957
Hunter 4 1955 - 1957
Canberra 2/15 1963 - 1976

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