No.96 Squadron

A lion passant facing to the sinister with ten stars representing the constellation of Leo
A lion passant facing to the sinister with ten stars representing the constellation of Leo
Nocturni obambulamus - We prowl by night
08 October 1917
21 January 1959

No 96 Squadron formed at South Carlton on 8 October 1917 as a training unit but was disbanded on 4 July 1918 to provide re-enforcements of men and machines to existing squadrons. It reformed at RAF Wyton on 28 September 1918 but did not become operational before the Armistice and its formation was abandoned by December 1918.

On 18 December 1940 No 422 Flight was renumbered No 93 Squadron. The unit operated as a night fighter squadron. Its area of operations was over Merseyside and the Midlands. In April 1943 it began to flight intruder missions. During the following twelve months the unit was posted to various location in the UK. By June 1944 however it was in Kent and able to provide night fighter defence over the Normandy invasion fleet and beaches. From June 1944 the squadron became involved in countering V-1 flying bombs. On 12 December 1944 the squadron disbanded.

On 30 December 1944 the unit reformed at RAF Leconfield as a transport squadron. In March 1945 it moved to the Far East. The unit saw limited action over the Burma front before the Japanese surrender. In April 1946 it moved to Hong Kong. On 15 June 1946 the unit was renumbered No 110 Squadron.

On 17 November 1952 the squadron reformed as a night fighter unit. On 21 January 1959 the unit was renumbered No 3 Squadron.


BE2c 1917 – 1918
Salamander 1918 – 1918
Hurricane I/II 1940 – 1942
Defiant I/II 1941 – 1942
Beaufighter II/VI 1942 – 1943
Mosquito XII/XIII 1943 – 1944
Halifax III 1944 – 1945
Dakota III/IV 1945 – 1946
Meteor 11 1952 – 1959
Javelin 4 1958 – 1959

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