No.93 Squadron

An escarabuncle
An escarabuncle
Ad arma parati - Ready for battle
01 September 1917
31 December 1960

Formed at Croydon on 1 September 1917, No 93 Squadron was a fighter unit. The squadron did not become operational and was disbanded on 17 August 1918. On 14 October 1918 it reformed at RAF Port Meadow but disbanded again on 21 November 1918.

On 7 December 1940 No 420 Flight was renumbered No 93 Squadron. The squadron was equipped with a most unusual weapon – the ‘Pandora’ aerial mine. There is evidence to show the squadron used the mine operationally against German night bombers although it had very little value. The weapon was abandoned in late 1941 and the unit disbanded on 6 December 1941.

On 1 June 1942 the squadron reformed at RAF Andreas for convoy patrol duties. In November it moved to Algeria as a p[art of the invasion of North Africa. After the success of the North African campaign the unit was involved in the invasions of Sicily and Italy. In July 1944 it moved to Corsica to cover the invasion of southern France. It then moved to airfields in newly liberated France. In September it returned to Italy where it remained for the rest of the war. Following a short period of occupation duties the unit disbanded on 5 September 1945.

On 1 January 1946 No 237 Squadron was renumbered No 93 Squadron. The new unit lasted for only a short time disbanding again on 30 December 1946. On 15 November 1950 the squadron reformed at RAF Celle, Germany as a fighter-bomber unit. In 1954 it became a fighter squadron. The unit finally disbanded on 31 December 1960.


Various types 1917 - 1918
Harrow 1940 – 1941
Havoc 1940 – 1941
Wellington 1941 – 1942
Spitfire V/IX 1942 – 1945
Mustang III/IV 1946 – 1946
Vampire 5/9 1950 – 1954
Sabre 1954 – 1956
Hunter 4/6 1956 – 1960

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