No.92 Squadron

A cobra entwining a sprig of maple
A cobra entwining a sprig of maple
Aut pugna aut morere - Either fight or die
01 September 1917
01 October 1994

Formed at London Colney on 1 September 1917, No 92 Squadron was a fighter unit. In July 1918 it moved to France undertaking fighter and ground attack duties until the end of the war. It disbanded on 7 August 1919.

On 10 October 1939 the unit reformed at RAF Tangmere. The unit flew patrols over France during the May/June 1940 German Blitzkrieg. It then went to Wales for defensive duties before returning to combat in September during the Battle of Britain. By the turn of the year it began flying offensive fighter sweeps against occupied Europe. The unit moved to the Middle East in February 1942 but did not receive any aircraft until August. The unit was then involved in fighter operations throughout the North African campaign. In June 1943 it moved to Malta then Sicily before arriving in Italy in September. Upon arrival in Italy it was redesignated a fighter-bomber unit a duty it discharged until the end of the war. On 30 December 1946 the units disbanded.

On 31 January 1947 the No 91 Squadron was renumbered No 92 Squadron at RAF Acklington. In 1961 the unit took over the mantle of RAF aerobatic squadron and performed for two years under the title “Blue Diamonds”. At the end of 1968 the squadron moved to RAF Germany. On 31 March 1977 the squadron disbanded. On the following day the Phantom element at RAF Wildenrath was renumbered No 92 Squadron. The unit disbanded on 1 October 1994.


Various types 1917 - 1918
SE5A 1918 - 1919
Blenheim If 1939 - 1940
Spitfire II/V/IX/VIII 1940 - 1946
Meteor 3/4/8 1947 - 1954
Sabre 1954 - 1956
Hunter 4/6 1956 - 1963
Lightning 2 1963 - 1977
Phantom 2 1977 -

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