No.91 Squadron

In front of a fountain two triangles interlaced
In front of a fountain two triangles interlaced
We seek alone
01 September 1917
31 January 1947

Formed at Spittlegate on 1 September 1917, No 91 Squadron was a wireless training unit. On 4 July 1918 it was redesignated a fighter squadron but did not become operational before the Armistice. It disbanded on 3 July 1919.

On 11 January 1941 No 421 (Reconnaissance) Flight was renumbered No 91 Squadron. The unit’s role was as a reconnaissance squadron gathering information on enemy shipping and aircraft movements, markings and tactics of German aircraft. By the summer however it had become a simple single-engined fighter squadron. In May 1943 it began fighter sweeps over occupied France. In March 1944 it joined Second TAF. Between June and August 1944 the squadron was heavily committed against V-1 flying bombs. It reverted to long range escort missions and shipping reconnaissance in September. The unit was renumbered No 92 Squadron on 31 January 1947.


Various types 1917 - 1918
Dolphin 1918 - 1919
Spitfire II/V/XII/XIV/IX 1941 - 1945
Spitfire 21 1945 - 1946
Meteor 3/4 1946 - 1947

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