No.79 Squadron

A salamander salient
A salamander salient
Nil nobis obstare - Nothing can stop us
01 August 1917
01 January 1961

No 79 Squadron was formed at Gosport on 1 August 1917 as a fighter unit and moved to France in December. It undertook fighter and ground attack missions until the end of the war. It formed part of the occupation forces in Germany before disbanding on 15 July 1919.

On 22 March 1937 B Flight, No 32 Squadron was renumbered No 79 Squadron. The unit operated as a fighter squadron. In May 1940 it was moved to France for ten days as re-enforcements in a vain attempt to stop the German Blitzkrieg. The squadron took part in the Battle of Britain. On 4 March 1942 it sailed for the Far Est. Between June and December 1942 it flew defensive patrols before offensive sweeps over the Burma Front began. In 1944 it re-equipped and in September it began ground attack missions against the Japanese. It disbanded on 30 December 1945.

On 15 November 1951 the squadron reformed at RAF Gutersloh, Germany as a fighter-reconnaissance unit. On 1 January 1961 the unit was renumbered No 4 Squadron.


Various types 1917 – 1918
Dolphin 1917 – 1919
Gauntlet 1937 – 1938
Hurricane I/II 1938 – 1944
Thunderbolt 1944 – 1945
Meteor 9 1951 – 1956
Swift 5 1956 – 1960

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