No.76 Squadron

In front of a rose, a lion passant guardant
In front of a rose, a lion passant guardant
15 September 1916
31 December 1960

No 76 Squadron was formed at Ripon on 15 September 1916 as a home defence unit for the Yorkshire area. On 13 June 1919 the unit disbanded.

On 12 April 1937 the unit reformed at RAF Finningley as a bomber squadron. In June 1939 it became a Group Pool Squadron responsible for training bomber crews. On 22 April 1940 No 76 Squadron was absorbed into No 16 Operational Training Unit.

On 30 April 1940 it reformed but this was abandoned on 20 May 1940. On 1 May 1941 the squadron reformed at RAF Linton-on-Ouse. A detachment went to Palestine to form the nucleus of a heavy bomber force in the region but the home based unit continued to form a part of the main bomber force attacking German targets until the end of the war. On 8 May 1945 the squadron moved to Transport Command. It moved to India in September as a general transport unit. On 1 September 1946 the unit was renumbered No 62 Squadron.

On 9 December 1953 the squadron reformed at RAF Wittering as a light bomber unit. It provided a detachment for atomic cloud sampling over Christmas Island and Australia during the 1956/7British nuclear bomb trails. It disbanded on 31 December 1960.


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BE12/12a 1917 - 1918
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Dakota IV 1945 – 1946
Canberra 2/6 1953 – 1960

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