No.68 Squadron

A tawny owl’s head couped
A tawny owl’s head couped
Vzdy pripraven - Always ready (Czech)
30 January 1917
20 January 1959

No 68 Squadron formed on 30 January 1916 at Harlaxton as a fighter unit. It moved to France in September 1917. On 19 January 1918 it was redesignated No 2 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps.

On 7 January 1941 the squadron reformed at RAF Catterick as a night fighter squadron. Its initial operational area was the Midlands. In March 1942 the unit moved to East Anglia. In July 1944, after a short period in Wales, the squadron re-equipped and began a period of defensive flying against V-1 flying bombs. Later in the year it began patrols over the North Sea in an attempt to catch German bombers launching V-1s against British targets. On 20 April 1945 the unit disbanded.

On 1 January 1952 the squadron reformed as a night fighter unit at RAF Wham, Germany. On 20 January 1959 the unit was renumbered No 5 Squadron.


DH5 1917 - 1918
Blenheim If 1941 - 1941
Beaufighter I/VI 1941 - 1944
Mosquito XVII/XIX/30 1944 - 1945
Meteor 11 1952 - 1959

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