No.672 Squadron

None authorised
None authorised
16 November 1944
01 July 1946

No. 672 squadron was formed on 16 November 1944 at Bikram. It formed a part of No. 344 Wing for airborne assaults in South-East Asia. Personnel, consisting of RAF pilots surplus to requirements and pilots from the Glider Pilot Regiment, did not arrive until 23 January 1945.

For the entirety of the war this squadron undertook sporadic glider training and courses in jungle warfare. It was based at various stations including Belguam, Bikram, Kargi Road and Fatehjang. It never undertook operational duties because of the Japanese surrender. Some operational missions were undertaken however by pilots of this squadron detached to other units flying Dakotas and L-5 Sentinels.

The squadron disbanded at Chaklala on 1 July 1946.


Hadrian 1944 - 1945
Moth II 1944 - 1945

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