No.67 Squadron

A drongo volant
A drongo volant
No odds too great
12 September 1916
31 May 1957

No 67 Squadron formed on 12 September 1916 at Heliopolis, Egypt when No 1 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps was renumbered. On 6 February 1918 the unit reverted to No 1 Squadron, AFC.

On 12 March 1941 the squadron reformed at RAF Kallang, Malaya as a fighter squadron. The unit began to work up and was fully equipped by May but on 8 October 1941 it handed over its aircraft to No 488 Squadron RNZAF and moved to Burma. On arrival it took over the aircraft allotted to No 60 Squadron. Following the Japanese entry into the war the unit was involved in the air defence of Rangoon before beginning a long retreat back into India. By March 1942 the unit had in effect ceased to exist as losses mounted.

By May 1942 parts of the unit had managed to come together again in India and the squadron formed part of the air defences of Calcutta. In June 1943 the squadron went over to the offensive flying fighter escort missions to transport aircraft over the Burma front. Thirteen months later it moved up to the front and began air to ground attacks on Japanese troop concentrations, camps and transport which continued until May 1945. The unit officially disbanded on 23 August 1945.

On 1 September 1950 No 67 Squadron reformed at RAF Gutersloh, Germany as a fighter-bomber unit. On 31 May 1957 it was disbanded.


Various types 1916 - 1917
RE8 1917 - 1918
BE12a 1917 - 1918
Martinsyde G100/102 1917 - 1918
F2b 1918 - 1918
Buffalo 1941 - 1942
Hurricane II 1942 - 1944
Spitfire VIII 1944 - 1945
Vampire 5 1950 - 1953
Sabre 1953 - 1956
Hunter 4 1956 - 1957

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