No.65 Squadron

In front of fifteen swords in pile, the hilts in base, a lion passant
In front of fifteen swords in pile, the hilts in base, a lion passant
Vi et armis - By force of arms
01 August 1916
30 March 1970

No 65 Squadron formed at Wyton on 1 August 1916 as a training unit. In October 1917 it moved to France for fighter patrol and ground attack duties. In February 1919 it returned to the UK and on 25 October 1919 disbanded.

On 1 March 1934 No 65 Squadron reformed at Hornchurch but soon lost it personnel as they were posted away to re-enforce other units during the Abyssinian crisis. It returned to full strength in July 1936.

In June 1940 it provided fighter cover over the Dunkirk beaches and was later involved in the Battle of Britain. The squadron the next four years the squadron undertook low level attacks and sweeps as well as fighter escort. In January 1943 it undertook deck-landing training on HMS Argus with Seafires in preparation for possible future amphibious landings. In June 1943 it joined Second TAF and provided fighter-bomber support to the 1944 Normandy landings. Earler, in December 1943 it had re-equipped with the Mustang III the first squadron to receive this version. In June 1944 it moved to France to provide ground attack support to the Allied ground forces. It returned to the UK in September 1944. It then began to provide Bomber Command with long-range bomber escorts until January 1945 when it moved to Scotland to provide the same service to Coastal Command strike wings.

The squadron remained in Fighter Command after World War Two disbanding on 31 March 1961. On 1 January 1964 it reformed as a surface to air (SAM anti aircraft missile unit at RAF Seletar, Singapore. It finally disbanded on 30 March 1970.


Various types 1916 - 1917
Camel 1917 - 1919
Demon 1934 - 1936
Gauntlet 1936 - 1937
Gladiator 1937 - 1939
Spitfire I/II/V/IX 1939 - 1944
Mustang III/IV 1943 - 1946
Spitfire XVI 1946 - 1946
Hornet 1/3 1946 - 1951
Meteor 4/8 1950 - 1957
Hunter 6 1956 - 1961
Bloodhound 2 1964 – 1970

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