No.62 Squadron

A meteor
A meteor
Insperato - Unexpectedly
08 August 1916
30 September 1964

No 62 Squadron formed on 8 August 1916 at Filton. After a lengthy period of training the squadron moved to France in January 1918. It undertook fighter patrols until the end of the war. It formed a part of the occupation forces for a short time before disbanding on 31 July 1919.

On 3 May 1937 the squadron reformed at RAF Abingdon as a light bomber unit. In August 1939 the unit moved to the Far East. The unit attacked Japanese invasion shipping in the early days of the war but lost most of its aircraft in attacks on its airfields. Although still in combat against the Japanese the remains of the squadron evacuated to Sumatra. This did not remain a rear area for long as Japanese invasion forces landed in early 1942. No 1 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force, absorbed most of the remnants of this unit. Remnants of No 139 Squadron, which had escaped to Burma, formed the nucleus of a new No 62 Squadron. The squadron undertook attacks on Japanese shipping and airfields until May 1943 when the squadron was withdrawn for re-equipping as a transport squadron. The squadron was involved in re-supplying Chindit columns in March and April 1944. It continued supply dropping to ground until the end of the war. The squadron was then involved in general transport duties until 24 March 1946 when it disbanded.

On 1 September 1946 No 76 Squadron was renumbered No 62 Squadron. This unit, based at Palam, India was a transport unit. It disbanded on 10 August 1947. On 8 December 1947 the unit reformed at RAF Manston. The squadron was involved in the Berlin Airlift before disbanding again on 1 June 1949. On 1 February 1960 the unit reformed at RAF Woolfox Lodge as a surface to air (SAM) missile unit. On 30 September 1964 it disbanded.


Various 1916 - 1917
F2b 1917 - 1919
Hind 1937 - 1938
Blenheim I 1938 - 1942
Hudson III/VI 1942 - 1943
Dakota III/IV 1943 - 1946
Dakota 4 1946 - 1949
Bloodhound 1960 - 1964

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