No.55 Squadron

A cubit arm, the arm grasping a spear
A cubit arm, the arm grasping a spear
Nil nos tremefacit - Nothing shakes us
27 April 1916

The squadron was formed at Castle Bromwich on 27 April 1916 as a training unit. It was the first to be equipped with DH4s. It moved to France in March 1917 undertaking bombing and reconnaissance missions. In June 1918 it joined the newly formed Independent Force and undertook strategic bombing sorties. It returned to the UK in January 1919 and was disbanded on 22 January 1920.

On February 1920 No 142 Squadron was renumbered No 55 Squadron. In July it moved from its Egyptian base to Turkey. It moved in September to Iraq. It remained a part of the peace-keeping force in Iraq until 1939. In August 1939 in moved to Egypt and with the Italian declaration of war in June 1940 it began bombing attacks on enemy targets in Libya. The squadron was involved in the North African was until it successful conclusion in May 1943. The squadron at first attacked Sicily and later in August it moved to newly captured airfields on the island. It then moved to Italy and spent the rest of the war attacking enemy targets in the region. In September 1945 the squadron moved to Greece where it disbanded on 1 November 1946.

On 1 September 1960 the unit reformed at RAF Honington as a V-bomber squadron. In May 1965 it became a flight-refuelling unit based at RAF Marham. The unit was heavily committed during the 1991 Gulf War. On 15 October it disbanded.

In May 1997 the Dominie Squadron, which formed a part of No 3 Flying Training School, was awarded Reserve Squadron status as No 55 (R) Squadron. The unit provides rear crew training on the Dominie T1, the military version of the British Aerospace 125 aircraft, at RAF Cranwell.


Various types 1916 - 1917
DH4 1917 - 1920
DH9 1920 - 1920
DH9A 1920 - 1931
Wapiti 1930 - 1937
Vincent 1937 - 1939
Blenheim I/IV 1939 - 1942
Baltimore I/II/III/IV/V 1942 - 1944
Boston IV/V 1944 - 1946
Mosquito 26 1946 - 1946
Victor B1 1960 - 1967
Victor K1/2 1966 - 1993
Dominie 1997 - current (17 March 2006)

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