No.35 Squadron

A horse’s head winged
A horse’s head winged
Uno animo agimus - We act with one accord
01 February 1916
28 February 1982

No 35 Squadron was formed at Thetford on 1 February 1916. In January 1917 it moved to France as a corps reconnaissance squadron. The unit had the distinction of training for co-operation with cavalry. The squadron also undertook artillery observation and photographic missions for the rest of the war. The unit returned to the UK in March 1919 and on 26 June 1919 it disbanded.

On 1 March 1929 it reformed at RAF Bircham Newton as a day bomber unit. During the Abyssinian crisis in 1935 the unit moved to the Sudan. It returned to the UK in August 1936. At the outbreak of war the unit was a group training unit. On 1 October it, together with No 207 Squadron, formed the No 1 Group Pool. On 8 April 1940 it was absorbed into the new No 17 Operational Training Unit.

On 5 November 1940 the squadron reformed at RAF Boscombe Down as the first Halifax bomber unit. The unit introduced the type into operational service with a night raid on 10 March 1941 against Le Havre. It was also involved in two unsuccessful attacks on the German battleship Tirpitz lying in Trondheim Fjord in April 1942. The squadron transferred from main bomber force to the Pathfinder Force in August 1942. The unit converted to Lancasters in March 1944.

In July and August 1946 No 35 Squadron undertook a good will tour of the United States of America. On 23 February 1950 it disbanded.

On 1 September 1951 the squadron reformed at RAF Marham from the Washington Conversion Unit. In April 1954 it converted to jet bombers. It took its aircraft to Cyprus during the Suez Crisis in 1956. The unit disbanded again on 11 September 1961.

Reformed at RAF Coningsby on 1 December 1962 the unit formed part of the V-bomber force. In January 1969 it was transferred from the UK to Cyprus as a part of the Near East Air Force. It returned to the UK in January 1975 and was disbanded on 28 February 1982.


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