No.310 Squadron

A lion rampant queue fourchée, in front of a sword erect
A lion rampant queue fourchée, in front of a sword erect
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10 July 1940
15 February 1946

Manned by Czechoslovak personnel, No 310 Squadron was formed at Duxford on 10 July 1940 and equipped with Hurricane fighters. Operational from 18 August, No 310 Squadron played an active part in the Battle of Britain, claiming 37.5 enemy kills.

Offensive sweeps over France were begun in February 1941 ending in October when the squadron was allotted defensive patrol duty in Scotland. While in Scotland the squadron replaced its Hurricanes with Spitfires.

In October No 310 Squadron was transferred to Cornwall where it continued its defensive patrols until May 1942 when sweeps and bomber escort missions were undertaken. In June 1943 No 310 Squadron returned to Scotland as part of the aerial defences of the Scapa Flow naval base, receiving high-altitude Spitfires especially for this task.

No 310 Squadron returned to southern England in September 1942 flying bomber escort and maritime reconnaissance operations. The squadron joined the Second Tactical Air Force and converted to fighter-bomber operations in May 1944 and supported the invasion of Europe. Following the Allied landings No 310 Squadron stayed in Britain flying anti-V-1 patrols. Moving to East Anglia in July the squadron flew reconnaissance and bomber escort duties until the end of the war.

In August 1945 No 310 Squadron flew to Czechoslovakia where it disbanded on 15 February 1946.


Hurricane I/II 1940 - 1941
Spitfire II/V/VI/IX 1941 - 1946

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