No.28 Squadron

In front of a demi-pegasus, a fasces
In front of a demi-pegasus, a fasces
Quicquid agas age - Whatsoever you may do, do
07 November 1915

No 28 Squadron was formed at Gosport on 7 November 1915 as a training unit. In September 1917 it became an operational fighter squadron and moved to France the following month. However in November 1917 it was moved again to Italy where it remained for the rest of the war. In February 1919 it returned to the UK and on 20 January 1920 it disbanded.

On 1 April 1920 No 28 Squadron re-emerged with the renumbering of No 114 Squadron. The unit was based in India and operated over the North West Frontier. The unit remained in India until December 1941 when it took its aircraft to Burma. The squadron was decimated in the longest retreat in British military history and was in effect reformed at Lahore after its retreat back into India. The unit continued to provide army co-operation and tactical reconnaissance over the Burma front until the end of the war. In November 1945 it moved to Malaya and in May 1949 to Hong Kong. On 2 January 1967 the unit disbanded as a ground attack unit.

On 1 March 1968 the squadron reformed at RAF Kai Tak, Hong Kong was a helicopter transport unit. On 4 June 1997 it disbanded.

On 1 June 2001 the unit reformed at RAF Benson. It was the first to be equipped with the Merlin helicopter.

Exercise Eagle’s Eye in October 2004 provided the Squadron’s Merlins with their first opportunity to take part in a large-scale training exercise with 16 Air Assault Brigade and other units of Joint Helicopter Command.


Various types 1915 - 1917
Camel 1917 - 1919
F2b 1920 - 1931
Wapiti 1931 - 1936
Audax 1936 - 1942
Lysander 1941 - 1942
Hurricane II 1942 - 1945
Spitfire XI/VIII/XIV 1945 - 1947
Spitfire 18 1947 - 1951
Vampire 5/9 1951 - 1959
Venom 1/4 1956 - 1962
Hunter 9 1962 – 1967
Whirlwind 1968 - 1972
Wessex 1972 - 1997
Merlin 2001 - current (30 June 2006)

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