No.254 Squadron

A raven, wings endorsed and inverted
A raven, wings endorsed and inverted
Fljuga vakta ok ljosta (Norse) - To fly, to watch and to strike
01 May 1918
23 August 1963

No 254 Squadron was formed in1918 at Prawle Point. It carried out coastal reconnaissance duties until the end of the War and was disbanded on 22 February 1919.

The Squadron reformed on 30 October 1939 and began operations in January 1940 as part of Coastal Command. Its major task was patrolling the fishing fleet in the North Sea, protecting it from German air attacks. This, along with convoy escorts and reconnaissance, provided No 254 Squadron with plenty of work until May 1941 when it moved to Northern Ireland to carry out similar defensive duties.

In December 1941 the Squadron returned to Scotland and in August their role was altered by the introduction of torpedoes into their armament. They were now much more on the offensive carrying out a range of shipping strikes, having particular success in targeting E-boats off the Dutch coast. Although No 254 Squadron had numerous victories on these operations, the price was high, with many crews lost.

In February 1945 the change was made to anti U-boat work which continued for the rest of the war. No 254 Squadron’s last operation was an air-sea rescue search on 11 May and they remained in service until 1 October 1946 when they were re-numbered No 42 Squadron.

1 December 1959 saw No 254 Squadron reforming at Melton Mowbray as a Thor strategic missile unit. They disbanded on 23 August 1963.


DH 6 1918 - 1919
DH 9 1918 - 1919
Blenheim IF/IVF 1939 - 1942
Beaufighter VI/XI/X 1942 - 1946
Mosquito VI/XVIII 1945
Thor 1959 - 1963

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