No.232 Squadron

A dragon-ship under sail, oars in action
A dragon-ship under sail, oars in action
20 August 1918
15 August 1946

No 232 Squadron was formed at Felixstowe on 20 August 1918 and engaged in anti-submarine patrols until the end of the First World War. The squadron disbanded on 5 January 1919.

Reformed for defensive patrols over northern Scotland at RAF Sumburgh on 17 July 1940, November 1941 saw No 232 Squadron transfer to the Middle East. While en route, the Japanese attacked in the Far East and No 232 Squadron were diverted to Singapore. Japanese attacks pushed No 232 Squadron from Singapore to Sumatra and then Java before the air and ground echelons were separated and integrated into other units in February 1942.

No 232 Squadron reformed with Spitfires at RAF Atcham on 10 April 1942 and flew sweeps over France from mid-August until November when it sailed to North Africa for escort, patrol and strafing duties. Moving to Malta in June 1943 No 232 Squadron covered the Sicily invasion, relocating there to cover the invasion of the Italian mainland, before following the invasion forces ashore in September 1943. In December the squadron moved to Lebanon for air defence duties, moving to Corsica in April 1944. After covering the invasion of southern France No 232 Squadron moved there before disbandment in Naples on 31 October 1944.

On 15 November 1944 No 232 Squadron reformed at RAF Stoney Cross as a transport unit. Initially equipped with Wellingtons these were replaced by Liberators in mid-February when the squadron transferred to India. Supplementing the Liberators with Skymasters the squadron flew pan-Asia transport duties, converting to Lancastrians in March 1946.
No 232 Squadron disbanded on 15 August 1946.


F.2A 1918 - 1919
F.3 1918 - 1919
Hurricane I/II 1940 - 1942
Spitfire V/IX 1942 - 1944
Wellington XVI 1944 - 1945
Liberator III/VI/VIII 1945 - 1946
Skymaster I 1945 - 1946
Lancastrian 2 1946 - 1946

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