No.174 Squadron

A winged Sambur deer springing
A winged Sambur deer springing
03 March 1942
31 March 1946

No 174 Squadron was formed at RAF Manston on 3 March 1942. Fighter-bomber operations were flown against German shipping and coastal targets. In December 1943 the unit was withdrawn for army co-operation training. Forming part of Second Tactical Air Force it began ground attack sorties in early 1944. Targets included radar stations, flying-bomb sites and communications centres in northern France. The unit had by then been equipped with rocket firing aircraft. In June 1944 the squadron moved to France to maintain is close air support of ground forces. By September 1944 No 174 Squadron was in the Netherlands from where it continued to attack German targets until disbandment on 8 April 1945.

On 26 August 1945 No 137 Squadron was renumbered No 174 Squadron but this disbanded on 6 September 1945. On 9 September 1945 No 274 Squadron was renumbered No 174 Squadron. It was based in Germany until 31 March 1946 when it disbanded.


Hurricane II 1942 - 1943
Typhoon 1943 - 1945
Tempest V 1945 - 1946

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