No.165 Squadron

Double-headed dragon affrontée, the necks crossed, spouting fire
Double-headed dragon affrontée, the necks crossed, spouting fire
Infensa virtuti invidia - Envy is the foe of honour
01 June 1918
01 September 1946

No 165 Squadron was originally formed as a DH 10 Squadron on 1 June 1918 but it did not become effective before being disbanded on 4 July.

It was reformed as a fighter squadron at RAF Ayr on 6 April 1942 and became operational on defensive duties on 1 May. However, “Ceylon” Squadron as No 165 was known, did not see any combat until August when it came south to provide cover for Royal Navy ships during the Dieppe operation.

No 165 Squadron entered into a routine of fighter sweeps across the continent, local air defence and convoy escorts which continued until after the invasion when it transferred to Kent to intercept flying-bombs, flying 825 sorties in July 1944. In August the Squadron was returned to offensive duties, escorting day bomber forces.

At the start of 1945 the conversion to Mustangs was made and long-range missions began on 29 January, mainly escorting bombers deep into Germany.

In June 1945 No 165 Squadron was re-equipped with Spitfires and moved to Norway where it provided air cover until the liberated Royal Norwegian Air Force had reorganised. Returning to the UK in January 1946 the Squadron was disbanded on 1 September by being renumbered as No 66 Squadron.


Spitfire VA/VB/VC/IX 1942 - 1945
Mustang III 1945
Spitfire IX 1945 - 1946

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