No.162 Squadron

In front of a meteor, a bat’s head erased
In front of a meteor, a bat’s head erased
One time, on purpose
01 June 1918
14 July 1946

No 162 Squadron formed on 1 June 1918 but disbanded almost immediately on 4 July 1918.

On 4 January 1942 the squadron reformed at RAF Kabrit, Egypt. For some weeks it was simply identified as the Signals Squadron. It carried out radar calibration, location and identification of enemy radars and electronic countermeasures work. It carried out this work throughout the Middle East. In May 1942 the squadron began bombing operations in support of British ground forces. From late 1942 it mostly reverted to its radar work. On 25 September 1944 the squadron disbanded.

On 18 December 1944 the unit reformed at RAF Bourn as a part of the Light Night Striking Force. It carried out raids on German targets until the end of the war. In July 1945 the squadron was transferred to Transport Command to operate a mail service. It disbanded on 14 July 1946.


Wellington I/III/X 1942 – 1944
Blenheim IV/V 1942 – 1944
Baltimore III 1943 – 1944
Mosquito VI 1943 – 1944
Mosquito XX/25 1944 – 1946

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