No.160 Squadron

A Sinhalese lion rampant holding a Sinhalese sword
A Sinhalese lion rampant holding a Sinhalese sword
Api soya paragasamu - We Seek and strike (Sinhalese)
01 June 1918
30 September 1946

No 160 Squadron formed on 1 June 1918 but disbanded almost immediately on 4 July 1918. The personnel intended for this squadron were diverted to existing units in France as reinforcements.

On 16 January 1942 the squadron reformed at RAF Thurleigh for service overseas. Although intended for immediate service in the Far East the unit’s aircraft were diverted to provide a months of anti submarine patrols over the Atlantic in May 1942 before flying out to Palestine en route to India. The situation in North Africa meant the squadron’s aircraft and aircrew undertook bombing operations in the area until October before joining the ground personnel who had already arrived in India. On 6 February 1943 the squadron began patrols over the Bay of Bengal. The unit soon moved to Ceylon where it continued to undertake maritime and photographic reconnaissance missions. In June 1945 it was transferred to special duties operations dropping supplies and agents into Malaya and Sumatra. After the war the squadron was involved in transport duties. In June 1946 it returned to the UK. On 30 September the unit was renumbered No 120 Squadron.


Liberator II/III/V/VI/VIII 1942 - 1946
Lancaster 3 1946 - 1946

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