No.153 Squadron

In front of a six-pointed star, a bat
In front of a six-pointed star, a bat
Noctividus - Seeing by night
04 November 1918
01 July 1958

No 153 Squadron formed at RAF Hainault Farm on 4 November 1918. The unit was intended as a night fighter squadron but the war ended before it could assemble. It probably did not receive any operational aircraft before it disbanded on 13 June 1919.

On 14 October 1941 A Flight of No 256 Squadron formed the basis if a new No 153 Squadron. The unit was officially formed on 24 October although it had begun flying two weeks before. The squadron provided night fighter defence for Northern Ireland until December 1942. For the next eighteen months the unit provided night fighter cover and convoy protection in the Mediterranean. In August 1944 it added Spitfires and Hurricanes to its equipment to provide dawn patrols. On 5 September 1944 it disbanded.

On 7 October 1944 it reformed at RAF Kirmington as a heavy bomber squadron. During the rest of the Second World War it carried out attacks on German targets as a part of Bomber Command. Immediately after the end of the war it undertook troop transporting flights to and from Italy. It was disbanded on 28 September 1945.

On 28 February 1955 the squadron reformed at RAF West Malling as a jet night fighter unit. On 1 July 1958 the unit disbanded.


Defiant 1941 - 1942
Beaufighter I/VI 1942 - 1944
Spitfire VIII/XI 1944 - 1944
Hurricane II 1944 - 1944
Lancaster I/III 1944 - 1945
Meteor 12/14 1955 – 1958

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