No.150 Squadron

In front of a cross voided, two arrows in saltire, the points uppermost
In front of a cross voided, two arrows in saltire, the points uppermost
Always ahead (In Greek script)
01 August 1918
09 April 1963

No 150 Squadron came into existence in Macedonia on the 1 April 1918 when flights of Nos 17 and 47 Squadrons were brought together. No 150 Squadron operated as a fighter unit around and north of Salonika. Following the collapse of the Bulgarians the squadron remained in the area until 18 September 1919 when it was disbanded.

On 8 August 1938 No 150 Squadron was reformed at RAF Boscombe Down and a light bomber squadron. In 1939 it moved to France as a part of the Advanced Air Striking Force. During the early months of the war it took part in reconnaissance and leaflet dropping operations but from 10 May 1940 it became heavily involved in attempts to halt the German Blitzkreig. It immediately suffered very heavy losses during daylight so switched to night attacks before the remnants were withdrawn to the UK.

In October 1940 the unit re-equipped with Wellingtons and became a night bomber squadron. Two years later it moved to North Africa to begin operations against targets in Sicily and Italy. Later the squadron moved to the Italian mainland to continue is raids against enemy targets. The unit disbanded on 5 October 1944.

On 1 November 1944 No 150 Squadron re-formed at RAF Fiskerton from C Flight No 550 Squadron. It carried out bombing operations against German targets for the rest of the war disbanding again on 7 November 1945.

On 1 August 1959 it was reformed again as a Thor ballistic missile unit at RAF Carnaby. It disbanded for the last time on 9 April 1963.


SE5a 1918 - 1918
M1c 1918 - 1918
Nieuport 17 1918 - 1918
Camel 1918 - 1919
FK8 1918 - 1919
Battle 1938 - 1940
Wellington IC/III/X 1940 - 1944
Lancaster I/III 1944 - 1945
Thor 1959 – 1963

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