No.144 Squadron

In front of a decrescent, a boar’s head erased
In front of a decrescent, a boar’s head erased
Who shall stop us
20 March 1918
23 August 1963

No 145 Squadron formed at Port Said as a reconnaissance unit and moved to Palestine. Its aircraft co-operated with Allenby’s push into Syria before being transferred to Mudros in the Aegean. Following the Turkish surrender the unit was reduced to a cadre. In disbanded on 4 February 1919 after returning to the UK.

On 11 January 1937 the squadron reformed as a day bomber unit. No 144 Squadron flew its first war time operation over the North Sea on the 26 September 1939. Leaflet raids and patrols continued until April 1940 when it turned to bombing operations. In 1942 its role changed to that of a torpedo-bomber unit. The unit was sent to North Russia to help protect the Arctic convoys. At the end of October the squadron handed over it surviving aircraft to the Russians and the squadron personnel sailed home to the UK. Until the end of 1944 No 144 Squadron under took anti-submarine and shipping strikes.

In January 1945 it gave up its torpedo bomber role and concentrated it efforts as an anti-flak unit with the strike wing. On 25 May 1945 the unit disbanded.

On 1 December 1959 the unit reformed as a ballistic missile squadron. It disbanded again on 23 August 1963.


Martinsyde S1 1918 - 1918
BE2e 1918 - 1918
BE12 1918 - 1918
DH6 1918 - 1918
DH9 1918 - 1918
Overstrand 1937 - 1937
Audax 1937 - 1937
Anson I 1937 - 1937
Blenheim I 1937 - 1939
Hampden 1939 - 1943
Beaufighter VI/X 1943 - 1945
Thor 1959 – 1963

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