No.1435 Squadron

None authorised
None authorised
04 December 1941

No 1435 Squadron is unique amongst RAF squadrons as the only flying unit with a four-digit number approved by the Air Ministry.

On 4 December 1941 the Malta Night Fighter Flight was renamed No 1435 (Night Fighter) Flight. It provided night fighter duties until disbanded in June 1942. On 15 July 1942 the unit was reformed as No 1435 (Fighter) Flight. It operated from RAF Luqa, Malta with pilots mainly obtained from No 603 Squadron.

By 2 August 1942 it had grown too large to remain a flight and was re-designated a squadron. In the early days it provided fighter defence for the island but in January 1943 it became a fighter-bomber unit and began attacks on Sicilian targets. In October 1943 it moved to Italy as part of the Balkan Air Force. Throughout its existence in Italy it undertook ground attack missions in the country in Albania and Yugoslavia. From September 1944 to April 1945 a detachment was based on the Yugoslavian island of Vis. In April 1945 the unit was withdrawn from operations and on 9 May 1945 it was disbanded.

Following the liberation of the Falkland Islands it was decided to provide an air defence unit at Stanley airfield. Badly damaged during the fighting only Harrier aircraft could be considered. The unit only had a brief existence reforming in 1983 but disbanding again in May 1985. On 1 November 1988, with the completion of the new airfield at RAF Mount Pleasant, the unit was reformed.


Malta Night Fighter Flight/ No 1435 (Night Fighter Flight

Beaufighter II 1941 - 1942
Hurricane 1941 - 1942

No 1435 Squadron

Spitfire V/IX 1942 - 1945

No 1435 Flight

Harrier GR3 1983 – 1985

No 1435 Flight

Phantom 2 1988 - 1992
Tornado 3 1992 - date (31 October 2006)

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