No.136 Squadron

Upon the side of a stem of tree erect, a green woodpecker
Upon the side of a stem of tree erect, a green woodpecker
Nihil fortius - Nothing is stronger
01 April 1918
08 May 1946

No 136 Squadron was originally formed at Lake Down on 1 April 1918 as a training unit. It was disbanded there on 4 July 1918 before becoming operational, to provide reinforcements for squadrons in France.

On 20 August 1941 the unit was reformed at RAF Kirton-in-Lindsay as a fighter unit. After operating for a month it was posted to the Far East, being directed to Burma, where it arrived during the Japanese invasion in February 1942. This forced the withdrawal of the unit to India, where it became operational in March on convoy patrol and air defence duties in the Calcutta area. In December 1942 it began to operate from RAF Chittagong over the Burma front and withdrew from operations in June 1943 for conversion to Spitfires.

In December 1943 the unit began defence and escort operations over Burma until July 1944 when it was transferred to Ceylon. From here the squadron moved to the new airstrip in the Cocos Islands in April 1945. Following the surrender of Japan it moved to Malaya and there it remained until May 1946 when it moved to India. Whilst in transit there the squadron was disbanded and renumbered No 152 Squadron on 8 May 1946.


Hurricane IIB/IIC 1941 - 1943
Spitfire VC/VIII/XIV 1943 - 1946

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