No.132 Squadron

A leopard rampant
A leopard rampant
Cave leopardum - Beware the leopard
01 March 1918
15 April 1946

No 132 Squadron was originally formed at Ternhill on 1 March 1918 as a day-bomber training unit but was disbanded at Castle Bromwich on 4 July 1918 before becoming operational. In October it began to form again at Castle Bromwich as a day bomber unit but the Armistice resulted in this being abandoned and the unit disbanded on 23 December 1918.

On 7 July 1941 the unit was reformed at RAF Peterhead as a fighter unit, named “City of Bombay”. In early 1942 it moved north to Scotland, moving south again later to conduct sweeps over France. During most of 1943 the unit was mainly involved in bomber escort duties.

The unit commenced bombing operations in early 1944 with Second Tactical Air Force and on D-Day switched to beachhead patrols and then flying close support operations. On 25 June 1944 the unit moved to Normandy and flew mainly armed reconnaissance operations. In September the unit returned to the UK for bomber escort duties, moving overseas in December.

In January 1945 the Squadron arrived in Ceylon. It began preparations for the proposed invasion of Malaya. However, the end of the war saw it move to RAF Kai Tak, Hong Kong, where it was eventually disbanded on 15 April 1946.


DH9 1918 - 1918
Spitfire I/IIB/VB/VC/IXB/IXE/VIII/XIV 1941 - 1945

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