No.131 Squadron

In front of an estoile of sixteen points, a horse forscene
In front of an estoile of sixteen points, a horse forscene
Invicta - Unconquered
01 March 1918
31 December 1945

No 131 Squadron was originally formed at Shawbury on 1 March 1918 as a bomber-training unit. After functioning as a training unit it was disbanded there on 17 August 1918 before it could become operational.

On 30 June 1941 the unit was reformed, named “County of Kent”, with largely Belgian pilots, becoming operational in September. After a month it was reduced to a non-operational unit for training new pilots, returning to active duty with operations over France in December. In January 1943 the squadron flew north to Scotland for training and coastal patrols around Scapa Flow, returning to England in June for operations over France. High-altitude Spitfire VIIs arrived in March 1944 and were used for bomber escort duties. In October the Squadron ceased operations to move overseas.

Having moved to India the unit was re-equipped with Spitfire VIIIs. However, it did not become operational as the aircraft were needed for re-equipping Royal Indian Air Force units and so the Squadron was disbanded on 10 June 1945.

On 26 June 1945 the squadron was reformed by renumbered No 134 Squadron at RAF Ulunderpet and commenced training. The unit flew low-level dummy attacks over Northern Malaya to prevent riots in November 1945. On 31 December 1945 its aircraft were transferred to Nos 60 and 81 Squadrons and the unit was disbanded.


FE2B 1918 - 1918
Spitfire IA/IIA/VB/VC/IX/VII/VIII 1941 - 1945
Thunderbolt II 1945 - 1945

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