No.130 Squadron

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01 March 1918
23 August 1963

No 130 Squadron, Royal Air Force, was originally formed at Wyton on 1 March 1918 as a training unit. It moved to Hucknall with DH9s but was disbanded there on 4 July 1918 before it could become operational.

On 20 June 1941 the unit was reformed at RAF Portreath as a fighter squadron, named “Punjab”, becoming operational in July on convoy patrols and bomber escort duties across France. During early 1942 it was almost non-operational due to postings and did not resume operations again until May. Most of its crews were posted away and as a result the squadron was disbanded on 13 February 1944 at RAF Scorton.

On 5 April 1944 the squadron was reformed from the renumbered No 186 Squadron at RAF Lympne. The unit continued operations over France with Second Tactical Air Force, taking part in the Normandy campaign. Withdrawn to counter the flying bomb attacks on England, it returned to operations in France and Germany. After the war the squadron moved to Norway for a short period and was renumbered No 72 Squadron on 1 February 1947.

On 1 August 1953 the squadron was reformed as a fighter unit at RAF Bruggen as part of No 135 Wing, converted to Hunters in April 1956, then disbanded on 31 May 1957. The unit was again reformed on 1 December 1959, this time as a Thor strategic missile unit and disbanded on 23 August 1963.


DH9 1918 - 1918
Spitfire IIA/VA/VB/VC/XIV/IXB 1941 - 1946
Vampire F1 1946 - 1947
Sabre F4 1953 - 1956
Hunter F4 1956 - 1957
Thor 1959 - 1963

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