No.127 Squadron

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A tarantula
Eothen - Out of the East
01 January 1918
30 April 1945

No 127 Squadron, Royal Air Force, was originally formed at Catterick on 1 January 1918 as a day-bomber training unit but was disbanded there on 4 July 1918 before becoming operational, being absorbed by No 4 Training Depot Squadron.

On 29 June 1941 the unit was reformed at Haditha, Iraq, from a detachment of F Flight, No 4 Service Flying Training School. It moved to Syria where it operated with the 10th (Indian) Division, flying reconnaissance and fighter operations. On 12 July 1941 the unit was renumbered as No 261 Squadron.

On 2 August 1941 the unit was reformed at Kasfareet from a detachment of ground personnel of No 249 Squadron. It became operational with Hurricanes in March 1942 and moved to Cairo, Egypt in September, moving back to Palestine in January 1943. In November the unit moved to Pathos where it conducted convoy escort duties and fighter sweeps.

In April 1944 the squadron returned to the UK and re-assembled at North Weald. On 19 May 1944 it began operations with Spitfire fighter-bombers and took part in its first bombing operations. It was deployed to France in August 1944 for close support operations across France, Belgium, Holland and into Germany. The squadron was disbanded at Oldenburg, Germany, on 30 April 1945.


DH9 1918 - 1918
Gladiator I/II 1941 - 1941
Hurricane I/IIB/IIC 1941 - 1944
Spitfire VC/IX/XVI 1943 - 1945

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