No.126 Squadron

On a hurt a Maltese Cross throughout, overall a wreath of laurel
On a hurt a Maltese Cross throughout, overall a wreath of laurel
Foremost in attack
01 February 1918
10 March 1946

No 126 Squadron was formed at Old Sarum on 1 February 1918 as a day bomber unit. It completed training but disbanded on 17 August 1918 to provide reinforcements to units in France.

On 28 June 1941 the squadron reformed at RAF Takali for the defence of Malta. It played a major part in the defence of the island. In March 1942 it received Spitfires flown from carriers. In February 1943 with the imminent defeat of the German forces in Africa the unit turned to offensive sweeps over Sicily. In September it moved to Sicily. The following month it moved to Italy. It remained there until 1 April 1944. It then became non-operational as it transferred back to the United Kingdom. It reassembled in May 1944. Operating from south-west England it began fighter escort duties over north west France. In August it moved to East Anglia for further escort duties. In December it converted to Mustangs and in February 1946 it converted to Spitfire XVIs. The squadron disbanded on 10 March 1946.


DH9 1918 - 1918
Hurricane I/IIB 1941 - 1942
Spitfire VC/IX 1942 - 1944
Mustang III/IV 1944 – 1946
Spitfire 16 1946 – 1946

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