No.122 Squadron

A leopard rampant in front of a mullet
A leopard rampant in front of a mullet
Victuri volamus - We fly to conquer
01 January 1918
01 April 1946

No 122 Squadron first formed as a day bomber unit on 1 January 1918 but did not become operational before it was disbanded on 17 August 1918. Reformed on 29 October 1918 the squadron missed the war and formation was suspended.

On 1 May 1941 No 122 Squadron reformed at Turnhouse with Spitfires, the first patrols being flown in early June. In March 1942 the squadron started offensive sweeps over France, being one of the squadrons involved with the Dieppe raid on 19 August. In June 1943 No 122 Squadron joined the Second Tactical Air Force for ground-attack and Bomber escort duties.

In February 1944 the squadron replaced its Spitfires with Mustangs, moving to Normandy airfields three weeks after the invasion. In April 1944 the squadron’s armourers fitted bomb racks enabling No 122 Squadron to undertake dive-bombing ground-attack operations. However, the squadron returned to Britain at the end of September 1944 in order to provide long-range bomber escort, a duty they performed until the end of the war.

No 122 Squadron reverted to operating Spitfires in August 1945, flying these from Scotland until the squadron was renumbered as No 41 Squadron on 1 April 1946.


D.H.4 and/or D.H.9 1918 - 1918
Spitfire I/II/V/IX 1941 - 1944
Mustang III/IV 1944 - 1945
Spitfire IX/21 1945 - 1946

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