No.117 Squadron

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01 January 1918
17 December 1945

No 117 Squadron was formed at Waddington on 1 January 1918 as a day bomber unit. It did not become operational before the end of the war. In March 1919 it was sent to Ireland for internal security duties. On 6 October 1919 the unit merged with No 141 Squadron.

On 30 April 1941 the unit reformed at Khartoum, Sudan as a communications and transport squadron. It main responsibility was to operate the Takoradi – Khartoum re-supply route. It moved to Egypt in November 1941 where it provided freight services to units in the Western Desert and Malta. It continued to serve the North African and eastern Mediterranean areas until October 1943 when it moved to Karachi, India. It undertook supply dropping training and then began re-supply operations in January 1944. In March and April it carried Chindit troops behind Japanese lines and continued to supply then as they harried the enemy rear area supply and communication hubs. After a short rest the unit returned to the Burma front in December and continued its work until the end of the war. On 17 December 1945 the unit disbanded.


DH4 1918 - 1918
RE8 1918 - 1918
DH9 1918 - 1920
Bombay 1941 - 1941
S.79K 1941 - 1941
Various comm types 1941 - 1941
DC-2 1941 - 1942
DH86B 1942 - 1942
Lodestar 1942 - 1942
DC-3 1942 - 1942
Hudson VI 1942 - 1943
Dakota III/IV 1943 - 1945
Sentinel 1945 - 1945

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