No.114 Squadron

A corba’s head
A corba’s head
With speed I strike
22 September 1917
31 October 1971

No 114 Squadron was formed at Lahore 22 September 1917 as an army co-operation unit. The squadron was renumbered No 28 Squadron on 1 April 1920.

On 1 December 1936, the unit reformed at RAF Wyton as a bomber squadron. In December 1939 it moved to France to join the Advanced Air Striking Force. After suffering grievous losses during the 1940 German spring blitzkrieg it returned to the UK. After being brought up to establishment it undertook attacks on German invasion barge concentrations in the Channel ports. In March 1941 the unit transferred to Coastal Command for anti-shipping work. Five months later it returned to Bomber Command. In November 1942 it took part in OPERATION TORCH, the landings in North Africa. In August 1943 it moved to Sicily and in October Italy. The unit undertook tactical bombing until the end of the war. On 1 September 1946 the unit was renumbered No 8 Squadron.

On 1 August 1947 the squadron reformed at Kabrit, Egypt as a transport unit. It moved to Cyprus in March 1956 and disbanded on 31 December 1957.

On 20 November 1958 the squadron reformed at RAF Hullavington for security duties in Cyprus. It moved to the island in December but disbanded again on 14 March 1959. On 13 April 1959 it reformed at RAF Colerne as a transport unit. This unit disbanded on 30 September 1961 but a new unit reformed the following day. It was the first equipped with the Argosy transport. The unit finally disbanded on 31 October 1971.


BE2c/e 1917 - 1919
F2b 1919 - 1920
Hind 1936 - 1937
Audax 1937 - 1937
Blenheim I/IV/V 1937 - 1943
Boston III/IV/V 1943 - 1946
Mosquito VI 1945 - 1946
Dakota 1947 - 1949
Valetta 1949 - 1957
Chipmunk 1958 - 1959
Hastings 1959 - 1961
Argosy 1962 – 1971

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