No.113 Squadron

In front of a cross potent, between four like crosses, two swords in saltire, the points uppermost
In front of a cross potent, between four like crosses, two swords in saltire, the points uppermost
Velox et vindex - Swift to vengeance
01 August 1917
10 July 1963

No 113 Squadron formed at Ismailia, Egypt on 1 August 1917 as a reconnaissance unit. It moved to Palestine and took up its duties of reconnaissance and artillery spotting. It returned to Egypt in May 1919. It was renumbered No 208 Squadron on 1 February 1920.

On 18 May 1937 the unit reformed at RAF Upper Heyford as a day bomber squadron. In April 1938 it moved to the Middle East. After Italy declared war in June 1940 the squadron attacked Italian targets in Libya. It moved to Greece in March 1941 but in April had to retreat first to Crete and then Egypt in the face of the German Balkan blitzkrieg. Although it resumed operations in North Africa in June it moved to the Far East in January 1942. The unit took part in the longest retreat in British military history. It continued to harass Japanese groups forces until March 1942 when the remnants were withdraw to India. The reconstituted unit continued to bomb Japanese targets from it bases in India until September 1943 when it converted to Hurricanes. The unit remained a fighter bomber squadron until the end of the war. It disbanded on 15 October 1945.

On 1 September 1946 No 620 Squadron was renumbered No 113 Squadron. The unit operated as a transport squadron. It disbanded on 1 April 1947. One month later it reformed at RAF Fairford but disbanded again on 1 September 1948.

No 113 Squadron reformed at RAF Mepal on 22 July 1959 as a ballistic missile squadron. It finally disbanded on 10 July 1963.


BE2c/e 1917 - 1919
RE8 1918 - 1919
Hind 1937 - 1939
Blenheim I/IV/V 1939 - 1943
Hurricane II 1943 - 1945
Thunderbolt 1945 - 1945
Halifax 7/8 1946 - 1948
Dakota 1946 - 1948
Thor 1959 – 1964

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