No.111 Squadron

In front of two swords in saltire, a cross potent quadrat, charged with three seaxes fessewise in pale
In front of two swords in saltire, a cross potent quadrat, charged with three seaxes fessewise in pale
Adstantes - Standing by
01 August 1917

No 111 Squadron was formed at Dier-el-Belah, Palestine on 1 August 1917 as a fighter unit. The squadron operated in support of the British Army fighting against the Ottoman Turks in Palestine and Syria. In October 1918 the Sqn moved to Egypt. On 1 February 1920 the unit was renumbered no 14 Squadron.

On 1 October 1923 the squadron reformed at RAF Duxford as a fighter unit. It became involved in extensive high altitude flight trials. In 1938 the squadron was the first to equip with the new monoplane fighter, the Hawker Hurricane. It flew defensive operations over the Dunkirk evacuation beaches in May/June 1940 before becoming heavily involved in the Battle of Britain.

In November 1942 the squadron took part in OPERATION TORCH, the North African landings in Algeria. After the successful conclusion of the Tunisian campaign the unit moved to Malta and later on to Sicily. In September 1943 it moved to Italy. In July 1944 it moved briefly to Corsica to provide fighter cover over the Allied landings in Southern France. In October it returned from France to Italy where it remained for the rest of the war. On 12 May 1947 it disbanded.

On 2 September 1953 No 111 Squadron reformed at RAF North Weald as a jet fighter unit. In 1955 the unit re-equipped with Hunter aircraft and formed the famous 'Black Arrows' aerobatic display team, flying a 22 aircraft formation loop. In 1961 the Squadron converted to Lightnings, which it operated until disbandment in September 1974.

On 1 October 1974 the unit reformed at RAF Coningsby. The unit re-equipped with Tornado aircraft in 1990. In recent years, the Squadron has been involved in OPERATION DENY FLIGHT over Bosnia and regularly participates in major Air Defence exercises, both in the UK and abroad

During 2003 men and machines from this unit participated in OPERATION TELIC. Coalition forces, led by the United States overthrew the Iraqi regime, led by Saddam Hussein, in a short campaign.


Bristol Scout 1917 - 1917
BE2e 1917 - 1917
Bristol M1b 1917 - 1918
DH2 1917 - 1917
Vickers FB19 1917 - 1918
F2b 1917 - 1918
SE5A 1917 - 1919
Nieuport 17/24 1918 - 1918
F2b 1919 - 1920
Grebe 1923 - 1925
Snipe 1924 - 1925
Siskin III/IIIA 1924 - 1931
Bulldog 1931 - 1936
Gauntlet 1936 - 1938
Hurricane I/II 1938 - 1941
Spitfire I/II/V/IX 1941 - 1947
Meteor 8 1953 - 1955
Hunter 4/6 1955 - 1961
Lightning 1/3/6 1961 - 1974
Phantom 1/2 1974 - 1990
Tornado 3 1990 - current (1 July 2006)

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