No.110 Squadron

Issuant from an astral crown, a demi-tiger
Issuant from an astral crown, a demi-tiger
Nec timeo nec sperno - I neither fear nor despise
01 November 1917
15 February 1971

No 110 Squadron was formed at Rendcombe on 1 November 1917 as a light bomber unit. It spent some time training and did not receive its first operational aircraft until July 1918 when it became the first squadron to equip with DH9As. The squadron moved to France in September 1918 as a part of the Independent Force. It began bombing operations against German industrial targets until the end of the war. Following the war the squadron undertook mail-carrying duties before disbandment on 27 August 1919.

On 18 May 1937 the unit reformed at RAF Waddington as a bomber squadron. On 4 September the unit undertook, with No 107 Squadron, the first RAF bombing attack of the war. With the opening of the German Blitzkrieg in May 1940, the squadron returned south and began attacks on German targets on the Continent. These attacks continued into 1941.

In March 1942 the unit moved to India. They did not become operational on their dive bombers until March 1943. In May 1944 the unit withdrew from combat for conversion onto Mosquito aircraft. In August 1944 a detachment of Vengeances was sent to the Gold Coast for anti malarial spraying work. By 31 March 1945 the parent unit had fully converted and resumed attacks on Japanese targets from then until the end of the war. In September the unit moved to Singapore and in the following two months it operated out of Kemajoran, Java. The unit moved to Labuan, Borneo in December but disbanded on 15 April 1946.

On 15 June 1946 No 96 Squadron was renumbered No 110 Squadron. The unit operated as a transport squadron. For much of the Malayan Emergency the squadron was engaged in supply dropping to units operating against the communist guerrillas. On 31 December 1957 the squadron disbanded.

On 3 June 1959 the unit reformed by combining Nos 155 and 194 Squadrons and then renumbering to No 110 Squadron. The unit was now a transport and supply unit flying helicopters. As the Indonesian Confrontation grew the squadron undertook operations in Borneo. In November 1967 it withdrew to Singapore and on 15 February 1971 the unit disbanded.


Various types 1917 - 1918
DH4 1918 - 1918
DH9/9A 1918 - 1919
Hind 1937 - 1938
Blenheim I/IV 1938 - 1942
Vengeance 1942 - 1945
Mosquito VI 1944 - 1946
Dakota ¾ 1946 - 1952
Valetta 1951 - 1957
Whirlwind 4 1959 - 1963
Sycamore 14 1960 - 1964
Whirlwind 10 1963 - 1971

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