No.106 Squadron

A Lion sejant rampant, holding a banner charged with an astral crown
A Lion sejant rampant, holding a banner charged with an astral crown
Pro Libertate - For Freedom
30 September 1917
24 May 1963

No 106 Squadron RFC was formed at Andover as a Corps reconnaissance unit flying R.E.8s, and operated in Ireland from May 1918 until disbandment in October 1919.

Reformed from a flight of No 15 Squadron in June 1938, it quickly received Battles as replacements for its out-dated Hind biplanes, converting again to Hampdens in May 1939. The first year of the war was spent as a training unit, until mine-laying, and later bombing, operations began in September 1940. Manchesters replaced the Hampdens in February 1942, but Lancasters replaced these under-developed and unsatisfactory machines in June of the same year. Before complete conversion could be achieved No 106 Squadron took part in the 1000 aircraft strong bombing raids on Cologne, Essen and Bremen. Lancasters were retained until the end of the war, taking part in the attacks on Peenemünde, the German Baltic fleet at Gdynia, the V-1 storage caves at Leu d’Esserent and the first ‘shuttle-bombing’ raids.

In September 1945 the squadron began transport flying, mainly to Italy, before being disbanded in February 1946.

In July 1959 the unit reformed at Bardney in order to operate Thor missiles, and disbanded on 24 May 1963.


R.E.8 1917 - 1919
Hind 1938 - 1939
Battle 1938 - 1939
Hampden I 1939 - 1942
Anson I 1939 - 1939
Manchester I 1942 - 1942
Lancaster I/III 1942 - 1946
Thor 1959 - 1963

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