No.105 Squadron

A battle axe
A battle axe
Fortis in proeliis - Valiant in battles
23 September 1917
20 January 1968

No 105 Squadron was formed at Waddington on 23 September 1917 as a day bomber unit. The unit was redesignated soon afterwards as a Corps reconnaissance squadron. In May 1918 it moved Ireland in support of ground forces. On 1 February 1920 the unit disbanded.

On 12 April 1937 the unit reformed out of B Flight, No 18 Squadron at RAF Upper Heyford as a light bomber squadron. It moved to France in September 1939 as a part of the Advanced Air Striking Force. The unit attacked advancing German ground units during the May 1940 Blitzkrieg until forced to evacuate back to the UK. In then began as period of attacks on German occupied ports and airfields in northern France. In July 1941 the unit flew out to Malta on a short detachment for anti shipping operations. It returned in November and became the first to convert onto the Mosquito bomber. Operational low-level daylight flying began in May 1942. In June 1943 it transferred to No 8 Group as an Oboe equipped radar pathfinder unit. It undertook this duty until the end of the war. The squadron disbanded on 1 February 1946.

On 21 February 1962 the unit reformed at RAF Benson as a transport squadron. It moved to RAF Khormaksar, Aden in June. In August 1967 it moved to Muharraq, Bahrain. It disbanded on 20 January 1968.


Various types 1917 - 1918
RE8 1918 – 1918
F2b 1918 – 1920
Audax 1937 – 1937
Battle 1937 – 1940
Blenheim IV 1940 – 1942
Mosquito IV/IX/XVI 1941 – 1946
Argosy 1962 – 1968

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