No.100 Squadron

In front of two human bones in saltire, a skull
In front of two human bones in saltire, a skull
Sarang tebuan jangan dijolok - Never stir up a hornet’s nest (Malay)
11 February 1917

No 100 Squadron formed at Hingham on 11 February 1917 as a night bomber unit. In March it moved to France. In May 1918 it began strategic bombing raids rather than the tactical ones it had made earlier. In September 1919 the unit returned to the UK as a cadre. On 31 January 1920 it, together with the cadres from Nos 117 and 141 Squadrons, were brought together as an army co-operation unit involved with Irish internal security. With the establishment of the Irish Free State the unit returned to the UK and was redesignated a day bomber unit. In November 1930 it role changed again to that of torpedo bomber squadron. In December 1933 it moved to Singapore.

Mainly operating Vildebeests, the Squadron was almost annihilated by the Japanese in 1942. The remnants merged with No 36 Sqn in February 1942. A detachment based in Australia for re-equipment training was absorbed into the Royal Australian Air Force as No 100 Squadron RAAF.

On 15 December 1942 No 100 Squadron reformed at RAF Grimsby as a heavy bomber unit. It remained a part of the main force Bomber Command attacking German targets for the rest of the war.

In May1950 it returned to Singapore for six months undertaking anti-terrorist operations in Malaya. In January 1954 it operated in Kenya for two months against the Mau Mau. Upon it return to the UK the squadron converted to jet bombers and undertook experimental development work for the Bomber Command Development Unit until disbandment on 1 September 1959.

On 1 May 1962 it reformed at RAF Wittering as a part of the V-bomber force equipped with Blue Steel missiles. It disbanded again on 30 September 1968.

The squadron reformed on 1 February 1972 at RAF West Raynham equipped with Canberras in the Target Facilities role for firing on silent targets to test radar defence.

In 1991 the Canberras were retired and the unit re-equipped with Hawk aircraft. With the closure of RAF Wyton the unit moved to RAF Finningley only to be forced to move again to RAF Leeming when this station closed. No 100 Squadron has now been stationed at RAF Leeming for over a decade and provides targeting facilities and exercise and training support.


Fe2B/D 1917 – 1918
O/400 1918 - 1919
F2B 1920 - 1922
Dh9a 1922 - 1924
Vimy 1922 - 1924
Fawn 1924 - 1926
Horsley 1926 - 1933
Vildebeest 1932 - 1942
Beaufort 1941 - 1942
Lancaster I/III 1943 - 1946
Lincoln 1946 - 1954
Canberra 2/6/8 1954 - 1959
Victor 2 1962 - 1968
Canberra 2/7/15/18/19 1972 - 1991
Hawk 1/1A 1991 - current (30 June 2006)

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