Skory Class


Country: Soviet Union

One of the first all new post Second World War Soviet destroyer designs. These all-gun 'Skoryy' Class destroyers were first laid down in 1948/1949 and the first example was launched in 1950. The plan was to replace their older Second World War counterparts. Eventually seventy ships of this class would see service and they were built in shipyards in the Black Sea, White Sea, Baltic and the Far East. They were operated in the Northern, Baltic, Black Sea and Far East Fleets.

These vessels continued to see service through the 1950s and into the 1960s before some of the earlier ones were placed in the reserve or transferred to other navies. Scrapping began in the 1970s but some remained to be decommissioned in the second half of the 1980s. Several vessels were transferred to Egypt and Indonesia.

These were amongst the last of the all-gun destroyers operated by any navy and as such were seen as obsolete with the development of missiles and the use of helicopters from flight decks. They continued to see service in the Soviet Navy long after they were recognized as unable to operate effectively against NATO Battle Groups.

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