Petya Class


Country: Soviet Union

The Petya Class was a successful light frigate design that the Soviet navy classified as small anti-submarine or later escort ships. The Class consisted of a number of sub groups. Eight Petya I ships were produced between 1961 and 1964. This basic design was also built in a slightly different form with the addition of a medium frequency towed sonar housed in a new stern deck house. Ten of these Modified Petya I vessels were produced in parallel with the original type.

The Petya II Class followed on and twenty-six units were built between 1964 and 1969. A final Modified Petya II class boat was produced in 1978 and was similar to the Modified Petya I but with a new VDS deckhouse at the stern. One of the ASW torpedo mountings was removed as was the depth charge racks. This was either experimental of not successful as only one example is known to have been produced.

The Petya III designation given to the export version although it is not clear if these were new build or simply units transferred from the Soviet Navy. India, Vietnam and Syria all received examples.

All Petya I and Modified Petya I vessels had been withdrawn from service before the end of the Cold War. Some of the Petya II ships lingered on for a few years but by 1994 no examples remained in service.

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