Oberon Class


Oberon Class

Nationality: United Kingdom

The Oberon Class were built in the late 1950s and 1960s. Thirteen were constructed and they were amongst the quietest conventional submarines ever built. A number of these submarines were modified during their lifetimes:

Oberon was modified to allow training of personnel for the nuclear submarine fleet and several others were later modified in the same way.

Opossum was used as a trials boat for GRP bow sonar and integrated combat operations centre.

Orpheus was fitted with special five-man diving chamber for SBS and SAS covert operations.

Onyx was used for beach reconnaissance and covert operations during the Falklands Conflict. This successful design was also exported to other countries; two to Chile, three to Brazil, three to Canada and six to Australia.

After many years of useful operational life some still found a useful training role in the 1990s.

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