Mil Mil-8 Hip


The Mil-8/17 is the most widely produced rotary-wing aircraft of all time.  Over 10,000 have been built with 2800 exported to 55 countries.

Designed to replace the earlier piston-engined Mil-4, as a medium lift transport helicopter, the Mi-8 first took flight in 1961.  Utilitarian in appearance this turbine powered helicopter has a pod and boom fuselage and is fitted with a five-blade main rotor.  Its twin engines are positioned above the cabin, forward of the main rotor driveshaft.  Various versions of the helicopter were developed.

Displayed at the Paris Air Show in 1981 the Mil-17 provided an overall performance improvement.  It married the airframe of the Mil-8 with an up-rated engine.  Physically it is distinguishable by its tail rotor appearing on the port rather than starboard side of the rear tail fin.  It also has shorter engine nacelles.  The helicopter’s external sling has a capacity for 3000kg of cargo.  Configured with machine guns and Swatter missiles, the Mil-8/17 can be the most heavily armed helicopter in the world.

The Mil-8/17 has displayed considerable endurance and versatility during its service.  Together with its capacity to perform in a variety of climatic conditions it remains in demand throughout the world.

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